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Samos Cheesecake
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Samos Cheesecake - SAMOS CHEESECAKE is a Cheesecake Patisserie inspired from the Original Samos Islands where the first Cheesecake recipe and production have been recorded, according to archaeologist finds this is as old 2000 BC. The cheesecake recipe was brought to Europe by the Romans, for centuries several European countries have developed according to the local ingredients, after 2nd world war it was taken to the USA by a German Cheesecake lover and the cheesecake found its last two main ingredients! American cream cheese and graham crackers that we find in today’s classic New York cheesecake….. Over 25 years ago, specific 1990 a young pastry chef tasted his first cheesecake and he were taken by its aroma, silky cheese flavor and crunchy crust. So his love for this dessert has taken him around the world for over 20 year developing the collection of cheese cake that today probably is the best in the world and Samos cheesecake is brought back to live so that you and your friends can enjoy the 4000 years of development of THE CHEESECAKE and probably the greatest dessert you will ever taste.

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