Our Big Day Out

Our Big Day Out
Str. Muzelor
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Our Big Day Out - During the winter holiday, Our Big Day Out transforms Balonul Copiilor from Herastrau Park into a gigantic funhouse complete with bouncy houses and slides, face painting, magic numbers, games and creative activities such as: drawing, painting, crafting, jewelry design and many more. The day is never complete without a performance by one of Romania’s Pop-groups or artists like, Dragos Chircu, HiQ, Lala Band, Silvia Dumitrescu etc. and a lovely visit from Santa. For the past editions, there were over 400 institutionalized children who enjoyed this unforgettable day and over 200 volunteers that got involved in making it possible. For Easter time & Children’s day, Our Big Day Out pays the children institutions a happy visit bringing them presents, games and other fun activities. Caravan-style visits take place as well for the Holidays, delivering presents, joy, cheer and a beacon of hope to elderly retirement homes and children suffering of severe disabilities. Moreover, Our Big Day Out delivered over the years thousands of presents too to families & children living in extreme poverty or isolated areas in the care of OvidiuRo, Motivation, Hospice Casa Sperantei (who offer specialized care for the terminally ill), La Bomba, FARA, Habitat for Humanity, Unicef, Save the Children, SOS Satele Copiilor, Pro Vita, Tha Door, Romani Criss, Flamanda and Dobroteasa Churches, Red Cross sector 5 (that cares for pensioners who live of pensions lower than 400 lei/month), Parada etc. In 2007, with the generous aid of Ikea, McCann advertising agency, Holcim and a group of 50 volunteers, the Tincabesti placement center, for children suffering of severe disabilities, was partially renovated. In little under 24 hours, the volunteers painted the walls, put on floors, changed all the beds, lamps & curtains. Today, Our Big Day Out gathers hundreds of volunteers each edition and tens of companies who participate every step of the way, from donating gift items to offering entertainment moments, logistic support (transportation, preparing the presents, technical equipment, food etc.) and even their talent (by teaching children arts and crafts). Most importantly, the biggest gifts Our Big Day Out’s supporters offer are their time, patience and love. It is only through their support that we’re able to reach thousands of souls every edition.