Arvato Romania

Arvato Romania
Ionescu Crum Street, No. 1
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Arvato Romania - Services are the key to success in many modern business models. At Arvato, more than 70,000 employees in over 40 countries work to bring daily success to business customers from all over the world and a wide range of sectors. They do this by designing and implementing tailor-made solutions for diverse business processes throughout integrated service chains. These include all services related to the production and distribution of print products and digital storage media, as well as data management, customer care, CRM services, supply chain management, digital distribution, financial services, qualified and custom IT services and direct media sales. As an outsourcing service provider, Arvato AG works in an exciting environment that is changing rapidly and constantly. With operative excellence, expertise and innovation, arvato's business units develop peerless outsourcing solutions for customers from a diverse range of sectors, from A (automotive) and E (energy) to P (publishing) and beyond. With more than 150 sites worldwide and a highly flexible infrastructure, arvato provides its customers with a strong sales network and the international marketing channels of a global corporation. arvato provides this experience at a local level. Likewise, arvato employees know how to utilize their diverse local experience in the context of global business.

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