Tihna Crişului - cazare Apuseni; casă de vacanţă Ţara Moţilor

Tihna Crişului - cazare Apuseni; casă de vacanţă Ţara Moţilor
Nr. 101, sat Criş, comuna Blăjeni, judetul Hunedoara, Romania
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Blajeni - Tihna Crişului - Booking, pictures, calendar availability and reviews: https://www.tripadvisor.com/VacationRentalReview-g3733894-d9862211 This may be the adventure you are seeking, away from civilization, in the middle of pure Romanian nature! Find the peacefulness of a sky full of stars, explore the forests and mountains around and enjoy the silence. Location: sat Criş, Comuna Blăjeni, jud. Hunedoara, Romania We have been living as 'modern hermits' on a peak from Western Carpathians mountains since 2010 and - this is YOU experiencing our lifestyle! Our home is an old but comfortable wooden house with some modern improvements. It has two bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, small in-house conservatory, inner garden, vegetable garden, orchard and forest . Do not expect a 3-4 stars hotel comfort, but is a cozy house, peaceful and it has a special kind of beauty given by our personal touch... . You will have your own private bedroom with a double bed, and access to kitchen, bathroom, living area, terrace and orchard (the nightly price is per room for two persons sharing a double bed). Here are some things you need to know: - you need to walk uphill on a pretty difficult and steep foot path for about 45 minutes (from the main road) or 5 minutes with a 4wd (4x4) car - when it rains it can be muddy - be sure you have warm clothes with you even if it is summer - we have a friendly dog around the house and a kitten that may enter in some rooms of the house (not in the bedrooms); - the closest shop is 20 minutes walk downhill and 45 minutes back uphill so be sure you have all you need with you. - heating is by ceramic fireplace working on wooden logs (central + local heating for extra-comfort if required) - cooking by gas stove (gas included) - the water is collected and filtered from a natural spring Be prepared for a quiet place. - towels and linen provided free of charge - electricity and fire logs (included) - washing machine (included) - no tv - electric keyboard (free of charge) - slingshot practice (free of charge) - paid access to wireless internet is available - paid luggage carrying from the valley by four wheels drive quad (not available on snow and ice or if we are away) - you can cook your own food (preferably) or we can cook some vegetarian food for you at some cost (if we are at home) - 4 'lazertag guns' can be rented on hourly bases and one air-soft pistol - you can hire a local person to guide you on the mountains and show you the way to remote touristic sites: there are 2 caves, 2 waterfalls and 2 mountains and a Museum of old traditional artifacts in this area. Usually we (or an administrator) will be there in the other bedroom, so we'll share the bathroom, kitchen and living area, but sometimes we travel (we will be away this year 2016 between 29th May and 8th August but we will arrange an administrator for you or a contact person to get the key from during this period). Silent retreats, meditation or martial arts courses for beginners are provided free of charge in case you want to try them (if we are at home). You are welcome to join us in our activities, such as: meditation, sports, gardening, arts and crafts, hiking, medicinal plants/ wild fruits/ mushroom picking; and also seasonal activities like: sowing plant seeds, digging, pruning, tidying up the garden, cutting the hay, cutting fire logs etc. Depending on the season you're here you can eat fresh fruit from our orchard like cherries, apples, pears, plums, grapes, walnuts. And also wild fruit like blackberries, 'coarne', juniper's fruit (good for tea but also in cooking). Our neighborhood is made of three families only - three houses on this part of the mountain. The main attraction is the beautiful nature and the breathtaking scenery, the wilderness, the sound of silence and the old forgotten Romanian traditions still alive in this region. This is a perfect place for writers, painters or artists to get inspiration, for truth seekers, ecologists and mystics to 'recharge your batteries', to get connected with the nature and realise your inner Self, for couples that want to relax away from stress and civilization, in the middle of the nature. There are buses from Brad to Blajeni Cris departing everyday at: 9.45 in the morning , 14.30 in the afternoon and 19.30 in the evening We both speak English and Romanian and are comfortable with Italian and French. The Neighborhood Breathtaking scenery - you see mountains and forests all around and you will experience the wilderness and peacefulness of the Romanian nature! Getting Around There are buses from Brad to Blajeni Cris departing everyday at: 9.45 in the morning , 14.30 in the afternoon and 19.30 in the evening House Rules - no smoking or drugs while here - no pets - keep clean, be civilized and respectful This house is our sanctuary, you are welcome! Be at peace, enjoy your life, respect all life! Looking forward for your visit! Flaviu & Lidia
Tihna Crişului - cazare Apuseni; casă de vacanţă Ţara Moţilor
Tihna Crişului - cazare Apuseni; casă de vacanţă Ţara Moţilor

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